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KKR vs MI IPL 2016 Live Scores: Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 6 wickets




Apart from their fielding, it was a good performance by Mumbai Indians today. They bowled well to restrict KKR to a par score and then batted well to chase down the target. Rohit Sharma deserved all the credit to guide his team to a good win tonight. He remained unbeaten on 84. KKR need to sort out their bowling combination after this. Clearly not a good performance. They must be disappointed by this.

MI innings

  • Kieron Pollard hit the winnings run for Mumbai Indians. Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 6 wickets.
  • 19 overs: Rohit played smartly in the over and scored crucial runs. Russell has been expensive today. Match is almost over. 17 runs from the over. Mumbai need just 1 runs from 6 balls.
  • WICKET! Russell dismisses Buttler. Crucial wicket. Jos Buttler c Yadav b Russell 41 (22b 3×4 3×6).
  • 18 overs: Brilliant over by Hastings in the circumstances. Just 4 runs. Mumbai Indians 170/3 (18 runs required from 12 balls).
  • 17 overs: 9 runs from Hogg’s over. Mumbai are closing in on victory here. They have an upper hand in the match. Mumbai Indians 166/3 (22 runs required from 18 balls). Sharma 66 (48b 6×4 2×6), Buttler 38 (16b 3×4 3×6), Hogg 4-0-37-0, Russell 3-0-35-0. 
  • 16 overs: Another big over for Mumbai Indians. Jos Buttler smacked Russell hard in the over. Two big SIXES and smart FOUR made it an 18-run over. Mumbai Indians 157/3 (31 runs required from 24 balls). Buttler 35 (13b 3×4 3×6), Sharma 60 (45b 5×4 2×6), Russell 3-0-35-0, Hogg 3-0-28-0. 
  • 15 overs: Big over! Brad Hogg erred in line and length too much. It would prove costly for KKR. 17 runs from the over including a SIX and two FOURs. Mumbai Indians 139/3 (49 runs required from 30 balls). Buttler 18 (9b 2×4 1×6), Sharma 59 (43b 5×4 2×6), Hogg 3-0-28-0, Kuldeep Yadav 4-0-37-1. 
  • 14 overs: 9 runs from the over and Mumbai Indians need that much only in every over. Mumbai Indians 122/3 (66 runs required from 36 balls).
  • 50 up for Rohit Sharma. He continues his love affair with the Eden Gardens. 
  • 13 overs: Good over by Hastings. He keeps up the pressure. Just 4 runs. Mumbai Indians 113/3 (75 runs required from 42 balls).
  • 12 overs: Good over by Kuldeep. Just 8 runs despite a SIX in the over. And he took a wicket too. Mumbai Indians 109/3 (79 runs required from 48 balls). Sharma 47 (34b 4×4 2×6), Buttler 0 (0b 0x4 0x6), Kuldeep Yadav 3-0-28-1, Chawla 3-0-28-1.
  • WICKET! Kuldeep Yadav dismisses McClenaghan, who seemed to be on six-hitting spree. It wasn’t a wicket-taking ball though. Full toss outside off-stump. Mitchell McClenaghan c Munro b Kuldeep Yadav 20 (8b 0x4 3×6).
  • 11 overs: Despite the wicket, it was an expensive over. McClenaghan hit Chawla for two SIXES to collect 14 runs. There was a chance for another wicket but Suryakumar Yadav couldn’t judge it at the long-off boundary. Mumbai Indians 101/2 (87 runs required from 54 balls).
  • WICKET! Hardik Pandya wasn’t playing well and his suffering was ended by Chawla. Hardik Pandya c Pandey b Chawla 9 (10b 0x4 0x6).
  • 10 overs: Bad fielding, directionless bowling and the result is an expensive over. Kuldeep went for 15 runs in the over without a big scoring shot. A bye went for FOUR and then an over throw resulted in SIX runs. Mumbai Indians 87/1 (101 runs required from 60 balls). Sharma 45 (31b 4×4 2×6), Pandya 9 (9b 0x4 0x6), Kuldeep Yadav 2-0-20-0, Chawla 2-0-14-0.
  • 9 overs: Just one bad ball and Chawla’s over went from good to bad. Rohit dispatched the short ball for SIX to collect 9 runs. Mumbai Indians 72/1 (116 runs required from 11 overs). Sharma 38 (28b 4×4 2×6), Pandya 6 (6b 0x4 0x6), Chawla 2-0-14-0, Kuldeep Yadav 1-0-5-0.
  • 8 overs: Kuldeep Yadav, the chinaman, introduced by Gambhir and he delivered well. Just 5 runs in the over. Mumbai Indians 63/1 (125 runs required from 12 overs).
  • 7 overs: Spinners are KKR’s strength and they have started showing their impact on the match. The run-rate has gone down a bit after the introduction of spinners. Piyush Chawla starts well with a 5-run over. Mumbai Indians 58/1 (130 runs required from 13 overs). 
  • 6 overs: Good over for KKR to end powerplay with. Just 3 runs and a wicket. Mumbai Indians 53/1 (135 runs required from 14 overs). Pandya 0 (1b 0x4 0x6), Rohit 25 (15b 4×4 1×6), Hogg 2-0-11-0, Hastings 2-0-23-0.
  • WICKET! Brad Hogg has provided the first breakthrough to KKR. He has run Parthiv out on his own bowling. Parthiv Patel run out 23 (20b 4×4 0x6).
  • 5 overs: Great start for Mumbai Indians. Rohit and Parthiv have a 50-run stand in just 5 overs. Another big over. 13 runs off it. Mumbai Indians 50/0 (138 runs required from 15 overs). Rohit 24 (14b 4×4 1×6), Patel 22 (16b 4×4 0x6), Hastings 2-0-23-0, Hogg 1-0-8-0.
  • 4 overs: Brad Hogg was introduced early but he had no effect on the run rate. Although he beat both the batsmen on a couple of occasions. 10 runs from the over. Mumbai Indians 37/0 (151 runs required from 16 overs).
  • 3 overs: Another good over. Rohit and Parthiv have set the pace from the word go. They want to cash the powerplay, it is clear from the way they have gone about so far. Mumbai Indians 27/0 (161 runs required from 17 overs).
  • 2 overs: Another good over. 10 runs collected from John Hastings’ over. Mumbai Indians 18/0 (170 runs required from 18 overs).
  • 1 over: Good way to start the chase. Rohit hit Russell for a SIX in the first over. 8 runs off it. MI 8/0.
  • Players are in. Rohit Sharma and Parthiv Patel to open. Andre Russell to bowl first over.
  • Mumbai Indians are not desperate to win this match but they would be happy bring their campaign back on track. 188 is the target. 

KKR innings

  • Mumbai Indians bowled well at the start and at the end. They leaked too many runs in the middle over though. Fielding was also not great today. But 188 is a gettable target considering that dew will have a big impact in the second innings. For KKR, Gambhir, Pandey and Russell did a good job. Gambhir could have score more runs against the balls he played. 
  • 20 overs: Good over by Bumrah to end the innings. Just 7 runs. KKR finished at 187/5.
  • WICKET! Colin Munro is run out after scoring 4 runs.
  • 19 overs: Good over in the death by Pandya. Got a wicket and gave just 10 runs. Kolkata Knight Riders 180/4.
  • WICKET! Gambhir is out, finally! Pandya gets the wicket. Gautam Gambhir c Patel b Pandya 64 (52b 4×4 1×6). 
  • 18 overs: Good over by McClenaghan in the death. Just 7 runs and a wicket. Kolkata Knight Riders 170/3. Gambhir 64 (51b 4×4 1×6), Pathan 1 (1b 0x4 0x6), McClenaghan 4-0-25-2, Bumrah 3-0-25-0. 
  • WICKET! Dangerman Andre Russell is gone. McClenaghan gets the big wicket. Short, Russell went for pull but the under edge sent the on to the stumps. Andre Russell b McClenaghan 36 (17b 1×4 4×6).
  • 17 overs: Bumrah paid the price of spilling a caught and bowled chance. He could have got Gambhir but let it go. He was still doing fine until Russell hit him for SIX on the last ball to collect 12 off the over. Kolkata Knight Riders 163/2. Russell 36 (16b 1×4 4×6), Gambhir 58 (47b 3×4 1×6), Bumrah 3-0-25-0, Harbhajan 4-0-31-1.
  • 16 overs: Russell is not leaving anyone. Harbhajan bowled smartly yet he was hit for 13 runs, including a SIX and a FOUR. Kolkata Knight Riders 151/2. 
  • 15 overs: Andre Russell wasted no time in getting into his role of a smasher as he hit two big SIXES off Southee to collect 16 runs from the over. Kolkata Knight Riders 138/2. Russell 16 (7b 0x4 2×6), Gambhir 54 (44b 3×4 1×6), Southee 4-0-43-0, Harbhajan 3-0-19-1.
  • 14 overs: Excellent over by Bhajji. Just 4 runs and an important wicket. Kolkata Knight Riders 122/2. 
  • WICKET! Soft dismissal it was. Manish Pandey is out. Harbhajan gets a wicket. Pandey tried to work it on leg side but the ball came a little late and took the top edge. Easy catch taken by Harbhajan himself. Manish Pandey c & b Harbhajan Singh 52 (29b 3×4 3×6).
  • 13 overs: Rohit brought back Bumrah. Good tight over but still 10 runs from it. Kolkata Knight Riders 118/1.
  • 50 for Manish Pandey in 26 balls.
  • 12 overs: 9 runs from McClenaghan’s over. Gambhir completed his fifty in the over. Kolkata Knight Riders 108/1. Pandey 43 (23b 2×4 3×6), Gambhir 50 (39b 3×4 1×6), McClenaghan 3-0-18-1, Suchith 2-0-31-0.
  • 11 overs: Big over. 18 runs off it. Pandey and Gambhir hit a SIX each in the over. KKR have wickets in hand. They need to accelerate the run rate now. Kolkata Knight Riders 99/1. Gambhir 44 (35b 3×4 1×6), Pandey 41 (21b 2×4 3×6), Suchith 2-0-31-0, Harbhajan Singh 2-0-15-0.
  • 10 overs: Harbhajan must be feeling unlucky to not get that LBW decision in his favour. It looked out in replays. Pandey hit him for a SIX on the previous ball. 10 runs off it. Kolkata Knight Riders 81/1. Gambhir 35 (32b 3×4 0x6), Pandey 32 (18b 2×4 2×6), Harbhajan Singh 2-0-15-0, Suchith 1-0-13-0.
  • 9 overs: Quiet an happening over it was. Suchith started with a wide, then he created a chance to dismiss Gambhir which was spilled by Rohit, Pandey then hit a couple of good shots to get runs. 13 off it. Kolkata Knight Riders 71/1.
  • DROPPED! There was a clear chance to dismiss Gambhir but Rohit dropped a straight catch at mid-wicket. Suchith was unlucky to not get this wicket.
  • 8 overs: Harbhajan Singh starts well. Just 6 runs from the over. Kolkata Knight Riders 58/1. Gambhir 30 (26b 3×4 0x6), Pandey 17 (12b 1×4 1×6), Harbhajan Singh 1-0-6-0, Pandya 1-0-12-0.
  • 7 overs: Another good over for KKR. Pandya was expensive in his first over. Pandey hit a good SIX to collect 12 runs from the over. Kolkata Knight Riders 52/1. Pandey 14 (9b 1×4 1×6), Gambhir 27 (23b 3×4 0x6), Pandya 1-0-12-0, McClenaghan 2-0-9-1.
  • SIX! Pitched up and Manish Pandey launched Hardik Pandya for the maximum. First 6 of the match.
  • 6 overs: Powerplay is over. The first half belonged to Mumbai while KKR picked themselves up and scored some crucial runs in the second half. McClenaghan bowled a good over to end the powerplay. Just 6 runs off it. Kolkata Knight Riders 40/1. Pandey 6 (6b 1×4 0x6), Gambhir 23 (20b 3×4 0x6), McClenaghan 2-0-9-1, Southee 3-0-27-0.
  • 5 overs: Gambhir is gradually picking up the pace. He needs to be there for KKR to score big. 12 runs off Southee’s over. Kolkata Knight Riders 34/1. Gambhir 22 (19b 3×4 0x6), Pandey 1 (1b 0x4 0x6), Southee 3-0-27-0, McClenaghan 1-0-3-1.
  • 4 overs: Successful over by McClenaghan. He managed to break the Gambhir-Uthappa partnership very early in the innings. They are a danger pair. Just 3 runs from the over. Kolkata Knight Riders 22/1. Gambhir 11 (14b 1×4 0x6), Pandey 0 (0b 0x4 0x6), McClenaghan 1-0-3-1, Southee 2-0-15-0.
  • WICKET! Uthappa is the first to fall. Mitchell McClenaghan gets wicket in his first over. Pressure created by Southee and Bumrah has paid off. Robin Uthappa c Pollard b McClenaghan 8 (10b 1×4 0x6).
  • 3 overs: Finally some runs for KKR. Gambhir and Uthappa managed to break the shackles. 13 runs with two FOURs from the over. Kolkata Knight Riders 19/0. Gambhir 9 (11b 1×4 0x6), Uthappa 7 (7b 1×4 0x6), Southee 2-0-15-0, Bumrah 1-0-3-0.
  • 2.2 overs, Southee to Uthappa: FOUR! On leg stump, flicked through mid-wicket for first boundary of the match.
  • 2 overs: Excellent over. No room for big shots. Just three singles in the over. KKR 6/0.
  • Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the second over.
  • 1 over: Southee has moved the ball well in the over. Not much chances to score runs. Good over to start with. Just 3 runs. KKR 3/0.
  • Here we go. Umpires and players are in. KKR openers Gautam Gambhir and Robin Uthappa are ready. Tim Southee has the ball.


Kolkata Knight Riders: RV Uthappa, G Gambhir, MK Pandey, C Munro, SA Yadav, YK Pathan, AD Russell, PP Chawla, JW Hastings, Kuldeep Yadav, GB Hogg.

Mumbai Indians: PA Patel, RG Sharma, HH Pandya, JC Buttler, AT Rayudu, KA Pollard, Harbhajan Singh, J Suchith, TG Southee, MJ McClenaghan, JJ Bumrah.

  • Toss time. Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has won the toss and he decided to bowl first against Kolkata Knight Riders.
  • STAT: Kolkata Knight Riders have a great record at the Eden Gardens. They have lost just once in their last 13 IPL games at the ground. 
  • STAT: Rohit Sharma scored 98 not out and 50 in his last two IPL innings at the Eden Gardens. 
  • Toss (we are still one-and-a-half-hour away) will again be important here because of the dew factor which is most likely to come into play as the night wears on. So, whoever will win the toss, he is likely to field first.
  • We are two hours away from the start. Meanwhile, here is the pitch report: As KKR have a potent spin attack, Eden Gardens is likely to offer another spinner-friendly track. Also, it is a big ground which goes in favour of spinners.

  • Welcome to the LIVE COVERAGE of match No. 5 between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians to be played at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.



Mystery spinner Sunil Narine’s return will enable a confident Kolkata Knight Riders to tighten the noose when they take on a shaky Mumbai Indians in an Indian Premier League cricket tournament encounter.

Both the Knights and defending champions MI were a part of utterly lopsided campaigns in their respective lung openers.

While Knights clinically decimated Delhi Daredevils by 9 wickets having bowled the opposition for a sub-100 score, the Mumbai Indians were at the receiving end with league debutants Rising Pune Supergiants giving them a sound thrashing by 9 wickets.

Narine, who had left for the Caribbean after his father’s demise is back in Kolkata, and with clearance from the ICC will like to forge a lethal combination with 45-year-old chinaman exponent Brad Hogg, if both are picked as overseas recruits.

Narine with 74 IPL scalps from four seasons has been instrumental in Gautam Gambhir leading the Shah Rukh Khan co-owned franchise to titles in 2012 and 2014.

If the jet-lagged Narine is available, it will mean a selection dilemma for Gambhir with the Aussie veteran Brad Hogg (3/19) being the pick of their bowler rattling DD for 98 in 17.4 overs.

In that case, Gambhir may like to dump John Hastings, who did bowl well against Daredevils. A look at India’s recent series in Australia will indicate that Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma had really played the big-bodied Aussie really well. The other option is to play a batsman less to induct Narine and in that case Colin Munro may be made to sit out.

That apart, KKR has the perfect winning combination in place even if that would mean a heartbreak for Bangaldeshi star all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan who could not make the XI despite his fine performance in the World Twenty20, where he took 10 wickets from seven matches.

This will be KKR’s last match at the Eden this month as they will hit the road for six successive away matches with West Bengal in the middle of the Assembly polls as Gambhir’s men cannot afford to let go the crucial two points at home.

If Mumbai Indians, who had won their two IPL titles at this venue in 2013 and 2015, will have to bounce back from the defeat against debutants Pune Supergiants in the IPL opener, the onus will be on their batters to decode the spin puzzle of KKR at their happy hunting venue.

But going by their performance in the last match, it looked extremely weak as the defence of the title looks very shaky even at this early stage unless they get back to the rhythm at the earliest.

It will be skipper Rohit Sharma who will have to lead by example up front at the same venue where he had scored an ODI world record 264.

After surprisingly deciding to bat on a strip with seam movement and bounce, Mumbai Indians star batsmen struggled as they were 68 for 7 in the 16th over, having lost their top four batsmen inside five overs for 30.

It was the feisty Harbhajan who wriggled them out of the hole with an unbeaten 30-ball 45 to prop the total to 121 for 8. The target proved too little for the likes of Ajinkya Rahane, Faf du Plessis and KP Pietersen who scripted a nine-wicket win in 14.4 overs.

“Hopefully, we will go back and come back with a positive frame of mind. Never thought the ball would do that much having played a lot of cricket here. They swung it a lot and our shot selection wasn’t great. We have good memories in Kolkata. It’s just the start of the tournament, no need to panic,” Rohit had said.

With their team think-tank boasting the legendary duo of Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting to go with a star studded line-up captained by Rohit Sharma, there’s an overflowing of talents in the most decorated dressing room.

It will be all about channelising them to bring out the best XI something that had come in for much debate following their debacle at home.

Having impressed in India colours, Jasprit Bumrah struggled conceding 30 runs without a wicket, while Hardik Pandya (nine from 11 balls) too was unimpressive after being promoted to No 3 and gave away the winning runs leaking 12 in four balls.

West Indies bighitter Kieron Pollard, returning from an injury that kept him out of the World Twenty20, looked out of sorts in his one from eight balls as he would need a couple of games to get his eye back.

The exclusion of New Zealand big allrounder Corey Anderson who could have been a better option for Mitchell McClenaghan also came as a surprise so as that of Gujarat captain and wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel who has had an impressive domestic season with a century in the last match in the one-day Deodhar Trophy.

Patel also had a fruitful Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy domestic T20 tournament where he scored four halfcenturies as he along with Delhi opener Unmukt Chand may vie for a place.

Mumbai Indians may also have to rethink their bowling strategy at the Eden turner and Karnataka leftarm spinner J Suchith, a big turner of the ball, may seem a better option to go with the seasoned Harbhajan.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Colin Munro, Suryakumar Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, John Hastings, Brad Hogg, Umesh Yadav, Sunil Narine, Shakib Al Hasan, Morne Morkel, Chris Lynn, Jason Holder, Kuldeep Yadav, Manan Sharma, Ankit Rajput, Rajagopal Sathish, Jaydev Unadkat and Sheldon Jackson.

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Lendl Simmons, Hardik Pandya, Jos Buttler, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, Shreyas Gopal, Harbhajan Singh, R Vinay Kumar, Mitchell McClenaghan, Jasprit Bumrah, Corey Anderson, Unmukt Chand, Marchant de Lange, Kishore Kamath, Siddhesh Lad, Krunal Pandya, Parthiv Patel, Deepak Punia, Nitish Rana, Jitesh Sharma, Nathu Singh, Tim Southee, Jagadeesha Suchith and Akshay Wakhare.


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